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CWF Team

We are Houda and Wissal. Together we have founded Career Without Frontiers to help ambitious individuals and international companies find each other. Our motivation is a shared passion for global citizenship, development and networking.


Connector, do-gooder, World Traveler

In her 30 years young she visited 6 out of 7 continents. This Amsterdam based wanderlust power woman has an unlimited passion for languages. She speaks Dutch, English, Arabic, French and German. Because of her sincerity, helpfulness and transparency, schools and companies gladly welcome her back every time. With more than a decade of experience as a teacher, internship supervisor, coach and examiner, she has built up a large network both in the Netherlands and abroad. For several (inter)national educational institutions and companies, she has successfully set up an international internship program in recent years.

Fun fact: Wissal is notorious for her fantastic accessibility because she one with her phone!




Involved, Unlimited creative, Perfectionista

Do not be fooled by her sweet smile. This lady is an entrepreneur in heart and soul! Because of her years of experience in the Marketing & Communication industry, she is of indispensable value for our organization. Her fresh energy and creativity make her a fantastic sparring partner. Together with her accessible personality, experiences and infectious enthusiasm she knows to inspire people to realize their dreams and to surpass themselves. This highly traveled language linguistic talent communicates effortlessly in Dutch, French and English.

Fun fact: Houda has worked and studied abroad for many years!

We are 100% dedicated and we do everything we can to turn your wishes into words, actions and results

We do business from our passion for global citizenship, development and connection. This I why we treat every enquiry with tons of energy and enthusiasm

While we share our knowledge and experience, we listen attentively to your needs and wishes

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Our commitment to unburden you binds us! We do everything we can to guide and help you as well as possible.