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You want to find talents and retain talents that make the difference. That is a profession apart, especially when filling in key functions. CWF understands this. We can formulate the wishes of both the candidate and our client very clearly to deliver a professional who strengthens your organization, adds value and brings out the best in itself. Even if the recruitment and selection process has been completed, we remain involved..

Attract attention and increase your reach!

The combination of our strong network and close collaboration with leading intermediary partners ensures that you can reach applicants quickly and easily. By drawing up and spreading catchy vacancy campaigns, convincing SEO proof vacancy texts on the right social media channels, you can use our expertise as an employer to optimize your online findability and thereby bringing in the ideal match.


Why CWF?

Thanks to our focused approach, you will only have to use your precious time for a conversation with a fully-fitting, small selection of candidates. We take care of the entire process: from drafting compelling ad texts, up to and including advice on the right recruitment strategy. Because we are based in the Netherlands, we personally conduct the first selection interviews with the candidates in which we identify competencies and motives, we carry out a reference research and ultimately provide you with a selection of candidates that fully meets the hard and soft requirements you have drawn up.



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