Dear parents,

Your child will go on an educational journey. An exciting period has come! An internship or job abroad is a fantastic life experience but also a big responsibility. We find an important partner in the parents and family members in preparing for and making this boundless challenge a success. We from Career Without Frontiers and you, have a common goal: To get your child well prepared and safe in a place in the world where he/she can learn a lot. On the way to this goal we will probably encounter some challenges, but know that we are incredibly involved, professional and accessible. Besides having walked the same path as your child, we have ample experience in preparing ambitious young people for an internship or job abroad.

As a parent, your child can count on you in terms of advice and encouragement during the preparation phase and during the stay abroad. We can only appreciate your role in this! Because we find (the development of) independence an important characteristic, we have direct contact with your child. Would you like to receive more information or are you in need of contact? You are most welcome! This can be done through the contact form or via

We look forward to working with your child on the next step in his or her career.

With boundless greeting,

Career Without Frontiers team